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HISTORY   Background information about how we started in Cockers with photos of some of our first dogs

IN MEMORIAM   Pages commemorating our much missed Cockers, Sh Ch Shenmore Seeing Stars (Katie), Shenmore Snowdrop (Lily), Shenmore Star Voyager (Arran), Sh Ch Caefardre Caprice at Shenmore (Rhona), Sh Ch Shenmore Sun Flower (Ruby), Shenmore Siani (Siani) & Shenmore Sunny Jim (Jimmy)

OUR DOGS   Photos, info & pedigrees of some of our current and past Cockers

JUDGING  Photos from past judging appointments in the UK and overseas


  • Puppy News:Info on current availability of puppies with photos
  • The Right Breed For Me? Questions would-be owners should ask themselves before buying a Cocker puppy
  • Finding A Breeder: Advice & information on how to find reputable Cocker Spaniel Breeders

PHOTO GALLERY  Informal photos of Shenmore Cockers at various ages, enjoying life with us or with their owners.

LINKS   Links to Cocker breed clubs and useful sites related to health, genetics, breeding, caninebehaviour and training.


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