Shenmore Snowdrop by Tracy Morgan

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This was Lily, our lovely black & white bitch, who charmed her way into many hearts. She was very successful in the show ring as a youngster winning many firsts at Championship shows & also a RCC under the late Kay Holmes. She proved to be a devoted "mum" to her two litters and enjoyed a happy retirement at home with us. She was "Mum" to our orange girl, Sh Ch Shenmore Sun Flower JW (Cocker Puppy of The Year 2002)

Sadly we had to say goodbye to our beautiful Lily in 2007 after a short illness but she will never be forgotten and will always be missed by those who loved her, both human and canine.

Lily as a puppy  West of England Cocker Club 1997
Left, Lily as a puppy and right, Lily winning RCC to Sh Ch Quettadene By Chance in 1997

I have done mostly what most men do,
And pushed it out of my mind;
But I can’t forget, if I wanted to,
Four-Feet trotting behind.

Day after day, the whole day through—
Wherever my road inclined—
Four-Feet said, ‘I am coming with you!’
And trotted along behind.

Now I must go by some other round,—
Which I shall never find—
Somewhere that does not carry the sound
Of Four-Feet trotting behind.

Rudyard Kipling

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