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A Shenmore Puppy
photo by Jane Simmonds

We have one litter a year on average. Puppies are reared in our home and are well socialised with people, our other dogs and all the normal household noises! When we do have puppies for sale, we aim to ensure that they go to permanent, loving homes where the owners have the time & commitment to offer to a lively new member of the family. We encourage our puppy buyers to keep in touch with us & are happy to offer help & advice whenever needed. We believe that all breeders should accept a lifelong responsibility for their puppies and as such, we will always take back & rehome any of our pups that might need this for whatever reason (& however old they might be!).

All Shenmore pups are KC registered and endorsed (including any puppy we keep ourselves) and sold with a contract which explains the endorsements and the circumstances when we would consider lifting them. NB Pet puppies are normally sold on the understanding they will not be bred from and so endorsements would not usually be lifted in such cases.

Please note that as from April 2007, all our litters will be undocked to comply with current legislation. According to the law, no Cocker puppy should be docked unless there is reasonable expectation that that puppy is likely to be worked to the gun. If you are interested in working your Cocker and would like a docked puppy, we would advise you to seek a reputable breeder of Working Cockers.

Puppy Enquiries/Availability: We don't currently have any puppies available & have no litter plans for 2017/2018

Black & White Ticked Puppy
Orange & White Puppy

For the questions you should ask yourself before deciding whether to buy a Cocker Spaniel puppy, please read "The Right Breed For Me?"

For information & advice on how to find other reputable breeders of Cocker Spaniels, please have a look at our Finding A Breeder page.

Puppy News  - The Right Breed? -   Finding A Breeder

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