The Cocker Spaniel Club : website for the Parent Club of the breed

Cocker Spaniel Breed Council : new site for the Breed Council representing the regional clubs

Cocker Spaniel Club of Lancashire

Cocker Spaniel Club of Scotland

Devon and Cornwall Cocker Spaniel Club

East Anglian Cocker Spaniel Society

London Cocker Spaniel Society

Midland Cocker Spaniel Club

Parti-Coloured Cocker Spaniel Club

Solid Colour Cocker Spaniel Assoc  

West of England Cocker Spaniel Club  


English Cocker Spaniel Club of America  excellent site with particularly useful articles/links on Cocker health issues


Cockers Online  Excellent online resource for anyone interested in Cocker Spaniels, breeders directory, popular Discussion Forum


The Kennel Club (UK)

Champdogs This site contains comprehensive listings for Cocker breeders but does include some large scale commercial breeders, also popular Discussion Forum  


Let's Talk Breeding  Interesting site packed with info & articles on all the things every would-be breeder needs to consider BEFORE they bring puppies into the world. Slightly dated design now but the info is still relevant

Backyard Breeders Vs Responsible Hobby Breeders : Useful guide to the basic differences between responsible breeders and BYBs

Breeder's Assistant : Pedigree software, fully customisable, facility for converting pedigrees into HTML format for publishing on websites.


Healthy, Happy Dogs: Information from the Kennel Club on breeding healthy dogs

Animal Genetics  Interesting if dated site for those with an interest in genetics - good section on coat colour inheritance in dogs.

Eyevet US site with useful info on eye disorders


Have You Got A Dominant Dog  Sensible article discussing how to communicate with your dog without using out-dated dominance theories

Calming Signals  Excellent online article by Turid Rugaas explaining how dogs communicate with us and other dogs

APDT  Website for the Association of Pet Dog Trainers, useful advice on finding a good dog training class, list of trainers who use modern reward-based training methods.

Teaching Bite Inhibition  Article by Dr Ian Dunbar explaining why it is normal and natural for puppies to play bite and how to deal with this

Top Barks  Website for an excellent trainer (positive methods only) who is also an experienced Cocker owner


Lea House: 4-star bed & breakfast in the Forest of Dean with award-winning breakfasts. Very dog-friendly and with good exercising facilities

Orchard House Boarding Kennels: family run, fully licensed, boarding and home boarding in Gloucestershire, owned by experienced Cocker breeders.

Sonham Cockers and Golden Retrievers: KC Assured breeders based in Gloucestershire

Fish4Dogs: Natural, healthy premium complete dog food and dog treats, made from fish - gluten free, hypo-allergenic and packed with naturally occurring Omega 3

Natural Instinct : suppliers of raw food for dogs and cats

Top Dog Show Supplies: Lots of useful items available here for anyone who shows/grooms dogs


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